Chanel releases new fashion film starring Gisele Bundchen – The Independent

The film was directed by Baz Luhrmann who previously directed the Moulin Rouge inspired Chanel film starring Nicole Kidman.

For Luhrmann’s second endeavour for the fashion house the script is vaguely reminiscent of his blockbuster feature length film The Great Gatsby.

Bundchen plays a model (yes such a stretch acting-wise) who is torn between her family life and her career.

In the film Bundchen and her family live in a rather swanky house in the Hamptons, the ad opens with Bundchen showing off her athletic prowess with a surfboard.

She spots her husband leaving her a love letter and rushes to catch him but in true Chanel style, he has already left. Later she is pictured on set of a photoshoot before eventually having a change of heart and heading home to her husband over the iconic Queensboro Bridge.


In an interview with The Telegraph, Luhrmann sums up Bundchen’s dilemma:

“They’ve hit a spot in their marriage. Does Daisy love her husband or not? That’s the question Fitzgerald leaves unanswered… but, really, this is about updating what we did with Nicole. Back then it seemed right to put work at the forefront. Now? It seemed more honest for her to have doubts. The idea of having it all and what that means seems interesting…”


Costumes are as impressive as can be expected from the century-old fashion house. All clothing was chosen by costume-designer and wife of Luhrmann, Catherine Martin and come from the cruise collection which was shown earlier this year in Dubai.

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