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Models wear designs by Ralph Lauren as part of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2014 in New York.STAN HONDA/AFP/Getty Images Models wear designs by Ralph Lauren as part of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2014 in New York.

New York Fashion Week is a significant event in the fashion calendar, and to help you out with your personal style, here’s an outline of how your star sign influences your individual style.  

ARIES: Individual Style- Your appearance is important; you fill your closet with the latest fashion trends and love every minute of it. As a self-assured sign, ruled by Mars, you reflect an air of confidence wherever you and you can be mistaken for an Abercrombie and Fitch model at the gym. A sporty sense of style keeps pace with your energetic personality.  Fashion Couture – Sleek couture that is comfortable will tempt your fashion taste buds. Michael Kors has a clean and contemporary clothing line with the perfect amount of edge.

TAURUS: Individual Style – When it comes to style, only the best will do. The world’s most exclusive clothing labels can be found in your closet as far as the eye can see. You spoil your skin with soft and sumptuous fabric, of only the highest quality. Take pleasure in experimenting with color and bold patterns as long as they aren’t too flamboyant – instead, you keep it tasteful. Fashion Couture – Your style is extravagant, yet classy, and polished. Chanel is a perfect brand name for fashion conscious Taurus.

GEMINI: Individual Style- You don’t like to make a fuss about brand names or labels, but stay on the forefront of fashion. Look for distinctive pieces that fit into your budget and suit your ever-changing moods. Comfort and practicality are important but you’re not afraid of color or print, either. Fashion Couture – Slip into a loose fitting, iconic piece by Diane Von Furstenberg that can be worn as several different outfits.

CANCER: Individual Style-A pair of fashionable jeans with a lightweight silk shirt suits your naturally glamorous style. Add a touch of shimmer to your wardrobe, and a hint of cleavage can transform any outfit into something extraordinary. Fashion Couture –Valentino has a verdant and exclusive couture that will match your stylish taste.

LEO: Individual Style –You can spend big bucks on leather, fur, and high-end labels. Self-image is important to you, and you enjoy the compliments you gain from looking your best.  Full of confidence you appreciate being the center of attention.  Fashion Couture – John Galliano’s fashion collection is known to create a buzz in the industry, and will give you the attention you desire. A pair of expensive shoes will polish your already sleek look.

VIRGO: Individual Style-A proper or conservative vibe is your style of choice. The quality of your clothing is important, however labels are not. A crisp white top and a pair of wrinkle-free pants is a classic style that suits you.  Fashion Couture – Ralph Lauren’s collection is casual chic with a high society twist. Create an up-to-the minute look by mixing your favorite necklace with a matching bag.  

LIBRA: Individual Style-You are known to color coordinate your wardrobe on a daily basis. You like to make a killer first impression, and are not afraid to show a little skin. You strive to look your best and keep your hair, skin, and nails, perfectly coiffed.  Fashion Couture – BCBG Max Azria’s style has a romantic-urban flare with a celebrity client base to match.Accessorize with a handbag, or hair accessory.  

SCORPIO: Individual Style-Risqué lingerie, a power skirt suit and anything black or red are your signature pieces. You have the uncanny ability to turn something simple into something slightly provocative, yet remain classy.  Your passion-filled personality carries over to your fashion taste and illustrates your alluring and seductive nature.  Fashion Couture – Dolce and Gabbana can captivate audiences worldwide – all eyes on you!

SAGITTARIUS: Individual Style-You seek a look that is sophisticated yet sassy, but not exaggerated. Slip into a pair of designer jeans and a classic white button-down shirt. Your style is timeless but can take time to create. Fashion Couture – Designer Alexander Wang combines a casual downtown style, ready for any occasion. A modern scarf or a distinguished pair of eyeglasses will add a pinch of panache to your cool look.

CAPRICORN: Individual Style – You prefer a number of timeless luxury fashion pieces, which become the keystone to your wardrobe.  Effortlessly chic with an alluring appeal, you know how to bring out your best features. It is impossible for you to blend in; you have an air of important and stand out no matter where you are.  Fashion Couture – High fashion semi tailored dress shirts look fabulous on you.  Yves Saint Laurent embodies high society and innovative flair.

AQUARIUS: Individual Style – Outrageous accessories found at vintage stores speak to who you are. Garments that represent your eccentric personality allow you to literally wear your personality on your sleeve. You don’t follow trends, instead you create them! Fashion Couture – L.A.M.B. by Gwen Stefani is the perfect blend of label influenced attire, and funky casual fashion. Unusual gold, silver, and chrome costume jewelry will highlight your individuality.

PISCES: Individual Style – A low neckline, skinny leather jeans, and the combination of lace and sheer fabrics will make an impression. You have an individual style and a knack of combining different looks to make a fashion statement fit for a movie star. Fashion Couture – Zac Posen is famous for his strong sense of style with unique and sometimes even outlandish pieces. A colorful pair of stilettos is a msut for Pisces to give your look the perfect amount of pizzazz!


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