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of Hawai’i Fashion Month. Our Moanike’ala Nabarro spearheading coverage for us. That’s right, November is Fashion month here in the islands! you MIGHT remember last year, we showcased local designers EACH NIGHT-and there was such a BIG response, We decided to do it again this year… the challenge? Choosing what to wear. 12-18 101-105 117-121 2:48 tilt down of green dress BUTT WITH 11:13-11:16 strut with jeans dress with tie BUTT WITH 12:08-12:12 turn around with dress close up BUTT WITH 25:34-25:38 modeling turn green hippie dress I haven’t a CLUE how models work the runway—but on THIS day I’m trying my best. A team of stylists and designers here at the Hawaii Fashion Exchange are helping FILL next month’s wardrobe list. 23:03-23:21 THERESE I THINK FOR TV, I THINK WHAT WE LIKE IS WE BREAK UP THE COLOR AND GIVE YOU A LOT MORE SHAPE…AND TIE IT ON THE SIDE LIKE THAT, AND THERE YOU GO! I NEED YOU TO COME OVER EVERY MORNING, SO YOU CAN HELP ME GET READY FOR WORK, EXACTLY, EXACTLY ! Long time fashion stylist Therese Wahl demonstrating countless ways to sport a scarf. Who knew? 22:53-22:55 trying on scarf with big eyes wow! I felt like a kid in a CANDY shop surrounded by all this fashion…. and LOVELY pieces of jewelry too…this bracelet from Kyote Designs… … Designer Andromeda Hendricks of OMNIA JEWELRY shared some insight about HER pieces. 10:28-10:38 Andromeda MY DESIGNS ARE ALL SCULPTURAL PIECES, AND THEY’RE ALL FORMED TO LOOK LIKE THINGS IN NATURE, WATER OR ROOTS. Many designs we’re featuring on the show in November are submitted by up and coming designers. 38:09-38:16 Toby Portner HFX IS THE HAWAII FASHION EXCHANGE, HI FI’S MEMBER PLATFORM BRINGING OPPORTUNTIES FOR OUR MEMBERS TO SHOWCASE THEIR WORK. BUTT WITH 38:24-38:28 GET THAT CLOTHING OUT THERE SO PEOPLE CAN SEE WHATS AVAIALBE AND WHERE TO FIND IT. 19:40-19:45 walking with blue and white dress BUTT WITH 32:47-32:52 walking out in black and white jamz world dress BUTT WITH 36:02-36:08 close up of pattern and pan BUTT WITH 12:35-12:38 off your shoulder and neck jeans We have a total of 18 looks we’re featuring on KITV4, anywhere from professional chic to Aloha wear to a little flair in between. That was a dress from local designer Michelle Smith off her Lani Lau line…thats just a little SNEAK peek of some of the garments we’re featuring. I’ll be wearing the very first outfit in the series right here in the KITV4 studio on Monday night at 5. Now let’s check in with Ann Sterling for what’s coming up tomorrow on KITV4


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