Is Kendall Jenner Changing the Face of Fashion? “Dazed” Magazine Says Yes –

Kendall Jenner

Keeping up with Kendall Jenner’s seemingly endless stream of new gigs is no small feat these days. Last week, she revealed she’s the new face of Estée Lauder. And she has landed a coveted spot in the Chanel Spring 2015 ad campaign (for those of you behind on your Kendall news, she’s walking in the Chanel show on December 2, not the Victoria’s Secret runway extravaganza taking place in London on the same day). She’s also reportedly appearing in the Marc Jacobs Spring 2015 campaign. And over the weekend, The New York Times published a large profile documenting the model’s quick rise to mega-stardom. But that’s practically outdated in Kendall time, because she’s already got another big accolade to add to her résumé: Dazed magazine unveiled its newest issue today, and the cover girl is…you guessed it…Kendall Jenner.

The cover line splashed across all three versions of the Winter 2014 issue, lensed by Ben Toms, is “Kendall Jenner: Changing the face of fashion.” In one shot, she’s sporting a colorful Junya Watanabe number and a Perspex headpiece. In another black-and-white image, she’s got a black bob and a Marc Jacobs military jacket. The third version (pictured) is a mash-up of the two, created by Instagram artist Doug Abraham.

Like many of Jenner’s fashion industry pursuits, it’s being greeted with mixed reviews. Dazed posted the covers on its Instagram account this morning, and there are plenty of comments with thumbs-up and heart emoji symbols. However, there’s also a fair share of naysayers asking the same question: How? How has she changed the face of fashion? Many are saying it’s a premature statement to make.

It’s not just Jenner reaping the backlash—Dazed is getting plenty of grief, too. “Surprisingly mainstream for Dazed. I’m disappointed,” said one commenter. Another one said, “Wtf Dazed a Kardashian.”

All negativity aside, each of the photos has already received over 2.00K likes and counting. You do the math—she’s got an undeniable social media likability factor that brands and magazines would be silly not to tap into (much like her older sister Kim Kardashian West).

There is surely more Jenner news just around the corner (maybe even by the time this story goes live), but she’s just keeping up with her cohorts, like Cara Delevingne and Karl Lagerfeld. As Lauren Sherman determined in her feature on overexposure in fashion yesterday, there is basically no such thing as overexposure. The way to stay relevant these days is to keep your name out there and always have the next partnership or project lined up. We can be sure Jenner (or, at least, her mom, Kris) has already booked plenty of upcoming covers, collaborations, and appearances. Any guesses as to what they will be? 


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