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The clock’s a-ticking—the Angels are strutting down the Victoria’s Secret catwalk in less than 24 hours!

The Victoria’s Secret supermodels touched down in London yesterday, where the annual fashion show will be held at Earl’s Court tomorrow for the first-ever international show. Ahead of the Angels strapping on their wings and hitting the runway, E! News caught up with Karlie Kloss, Behati Prinsloo and Doutzen Kroes before they even hopped off the airplane at Heathrow airport.

So what’s on the Angels’ minds ahead of the star-studded fashion show? Well, Karlie’s dishing on BFF (and one of this year’s performers) Taylor Swift . And as for Behati? You know she’s gushing over husband Adam Levine, and fessing up as to whether or not he’ll be cheering her on at the show. Plus, Doutzen is spilling on fitting motherhood into her busy schedule, and the surprising thing she’ll be overnighting back home while she’s across the pond.

Read on to find out what the supermodels had to say! And for the folks at home, tune into CBS on Dec. 9 to watch the fashion show.

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Karlie Kloss, Victoria's Secret Fashion ShowDimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Karlie Kloss

E!: Have you and Taylor Swift been chatting about the show in the past few weeks?
KK: Yes! We say, what are you wearing? It’s like going to prom! I also love the feel of preparing for the show. We are a big family unit, so it’s great to work with the Victoria’s Secret girls all year round. It’s really special to be a part of a show like the Victoria’s Secret fashion show with people that you really care about and enjoy being with. 

E!: How were the AMAs last week?
KK: The AMAs were really fun! I was just Taylor [Swift’s] date, and she had to work so I just got to have fun and dance and listen to good music 

E!: What have you been doing workout-wise to prep for the show?
KK: I just stay healthy all year round. I try to feel good in my skin. For me, I have trained in ballet my whole life so my body really feels best when I feel strong and tight and toned, and I think that comes from years and years of constant training as a ballerina. Leading up to the show, getting out there in your underwear, you just want to feel your best mainly in your head than more anything else. Obviously you want to feel good physically too, so it’s more just in your head, pushing yourself, approaching this challenge and taking the opportunity to push yourself a little further,

E!: What is the one thing you’re so excited to indulge in after the show?
KK:I am all about some good French fries and chocolate!

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Behati Prinsloo, Victoria's Secret Fashion ShowDimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Behati Prinsloo

E!: What do you think about the VS fashion show moving to London this year?
BP: You know it’s the first of its kind, it’s a black  tie event at Earls Court with more girls in the show than ever before. I mean I am opening the show, OMG! I’ve never opened the show before; I am sweating right now thinking about it!

E!: Will Adam Levine be at the VS fashion show?
BP: He will not, he is shooting The Voice live. It airs the same day [as th3e fashion show], so we are pretty bummed out.

E!: Did Adam help you work out in preparation for this?
BP: Oh, he is a crazy work out person. Since I met him, he got me into yoga and he is super into just hard core training. He actually inspired me to work out a little bit more. He goes: “Behati, come on its 9 a.m. let’s do it!”

E!: A lot of these Angels have kids— is that something you and Adam want, too?
BP: I know! It’s a huge inspiration, I mean almost all the Angels do and they all look better than ever. It’s something that I’ve always wanted, and seeing the other ladies work it out all so quickly and have such beautiful families and to do both is just a huge inspiration to me.

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Doutzen Kroes, Victoria's Secret Fashion ShowJamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Doutzen Kroes

E!: How do you balance motherhood with your hectic schedule as an Angel?
DK: Its hard, actually until the point that I stepped my foot on the plane [for London] I did not even think about being in the show. There were some days I was like I am not focusing enough because my mind is so with the new baby… But I am getting super excited now being with all the girls, but all my time is with my new baby and my family.

E!: Are you still breastfeeding your four-month-old daughter Myllena?
DK: Yes, I brought my pump for my milk with me and I am going to overnight the milk every day, but I saved a lot I mean my freezer is stocked with breast milk. 

E!: Do you have any playdates with any of the other Angels moms?
DK: Yes! Lily Aldridge and I just had a playdate with [her daughter] Dixie and it was so fun. Same with Adriana Lima‘s kids, they are great! When we were in LA, Alessandra and her kids came to my house, it was great and the kids had a fun time… People don’t realize we were up at 4 a.m. doing all of this, so people think it’s all just easy but it’s not.


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