Meet a Designer Who’s Putting Ukrainian Fashion on the Map –

Nina Vasadze, Anton Belinskiy, Daria Shapovalova.

A new generation of talented Ukrainian designers has been born, and they’ve started their careers through our international platform, Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days. Who would ever guess that in so little time the clothes of Ukrainian designers would appear in various international magazines and street-style compilations and would be ordered by buyers from the U.S. and China to the EU, Kazakhstan, and Russia?

After an extremely busy fashion month in Europe and Central Asia we’re finally here, in Ukraine, for the official opening of the ninth season of Fashion Days, which includes presentations, lectures, and, of course, fashion shows.

The public talks program couldn’t be more exciting: Fashion Days is crowded with remarkable fashion insiders and experts. Guests will have the opportunity to meet some of the best street-style photographers, such as Adam Katz Sinding, Nabile Quenum, and Adriano Cisani. Alexey Kavitsky, one of the youngest Ukrainian online retailers, will share a few of his successful techniques in retail management. Senior Web editor of, Maria Popova, will talk about how to create a truly interactive fashion website. And last but not least, two Italian fashion experts, Giorgia Cantarini (fashion journalist, D. Repubblica) and Federico Poletti (fashion curator, Pitti), will share their experiences working in fashion. 

This year Mercedes-Benz launched a tremendously important initiative, a special award to the designer who had the biggest success in the past season. The prize (roughly 3,000 euros) is to invest in his to her collection. The company took into consideration the designer’s activities within the international market in between the two seasons of Kiev Fashion Days, the reaction of buyers and the press to the collection, as well as the effect on the national level. It’s not hard to figure out the first winner: Anton Belinskiy. He has already established himself as one of the most promising, original, and innovative Ukrainian designers. From his last collection, the most remarkable piece was a rainbow-colored hand-printed dress with an oversize collar, tie waist, and full skirt, which was worn by Yulia Lobova for the Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days campaign. This memorable dress was also my choice for London fashion week and has been snapped by street-style photographers who seem quite fascinated by Belinskiy’s creation. Buyers have already begun to place orders in our More Dash showroom!

The new goal of our team is to build more Ukrainian brands that will become well known and be sold in the best stores all over the world. We are already working hard in order to make our dreams come true. And trust me, it’s just a matter of time. 


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