North West’s First Fashion Show: Sits Front Row For Balenciaga In Paris – Hollywood Life

The Kopy-Kats Kankimye’s, first it was Jay-z holding BLUE IVY on his lap while Bey Queen performance do what she does best in performing. Blu Ivy, was rocking to the Beat of her mother’s performance. Now all of a sudden now here comes kanye little boy-man, and kimmykakes-Botox, brings NWTTHP/Nori-seaweed/North/North-West/Ignori, to her first fashion show. Oh please you can tell the baby was not so into it all she was SCARED. The kankimye’s, trying so hard to OUT DO the CARTER’S, at everything that they do. I also believe that kanye little boy-man, wanted a SON first, it shows in all the pics that are taken of RICH little NWTTHP, they never ever dresses her in beautiful girly clothes maybe they want NWTTHP, to grow up to like girls. Lord, please forgive, me. It is what it is, right. NWTTHP, is a cute baby which all babies has a cuteness about them, it is the parents that is so messed up within their private lives. The kankimye’s, does not look like a happy family, at all. It is nothing no more than a SMOKE SCREEN. How many can agree with me, it seems it is all FORCED? The dark DEAD face of kanye little boy-man, and kimmykakes-Botox, with her head always looking down on a regular day, maybe kimmykakes-Botox, was upset that NWTTHP, was forced to appear by her dada kanye little boy-man,at the fashion show. The world knows that kimmykakes-Botox, love taking her some pics especially those of her 2 million selfies.NWTTHP, was getting her shine on but on a real note the baby never smiles at all. So sad. LOL Peace.

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