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Lara stoneSupermodel Lara Stone says she has concerns about her figure after giving birth to her first son Alfred, with comedian David Walliams. The 30-year-old, whose son is now 14 months old, is trying to ‘accept’ her new body after refusing to restrict her diet during pregnancy, reports She told Net-a-’s digital magazine The Edit: ‘I wasn’t exercising a lot. I was just eating whatever I wanted; I wasn’t being careful about that at all. I was huge. ‘It’s the way it is. Everyone’s got arm flab or saggy b***s. I’m just trying to accept it right now. And it’s OK, because the things women can do with their bodies are amazing.’

Here are some tips for an ideal post pregnancy routine :

1. Daily oil massages for both mum and baby are not only great for skin but are also good for bringing mum’s energy back into balance and for strengthening the baby.

2. Cook with a little ghee instead of oil – this is good for restoring depleted energy and strengthening tissue.

3. Try eating really simple and easy to digest foods like soups, stews, porridges, rice and lentil dishes. What a mother eats when she breastfeeds is also what the baby has to digest, so keep it simple and light. (Read: Tips to breastfeed)

4. Drink a lot of fluids, ideally water. I would boil two litres of water with a table spoon of fennel seeds in the morning, leave to cool and strain into a bottle and sip throughout the day. Fennel seeds are known to help with breast milk production.

5. Rest is considered very important. Traditionally, it is thought that the body takes 40 days to heal properly.

6. Dairy products will help with breast milk and balancing the body. Read more about Post-pregnancy health tips by celeb food writer and chef Anjum Anand

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