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Tom Brady, Gisele Bundchen: Top 7 Athlete-Celebrity Couples, Who Is More Famous? [VIDEO] [PHOTO]

Raimundo Ortiz

By Raimundo Ortiz @AroundtheMundo
on Nov 25, 2014 04:21 PM EST

Tom Brady & Gisele Bundchen

Athlete and celebrity couples always generate tons of coverage and gossip, but a more fun way to think about these pairings is simple-which person is the bigger star? Who is more famous? These are the highest-profile athlete-celebrity combos-and let us know if we picked the more famous ones correctly.

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Tom Brady & Gisele Bundchen

Starting off with a bang. Tom Brady is one of the richest quarterbacks ever, has led the New England Patriots to three Super Bowl titles (and five appearances), and makes $7 million in endorsements alone this year. He is one of the most successful NFL players of all-time on and off the field, so how could his wife possibly measure up?

Well, Gisele Bundchen is one of the most desired women on the face of the Earth. She’s a former Victoria’s Secret model, the highest-paid model in the world, and worth a cool $320 million. Brady is one of the greatest players in NFL history, but Gisele draws drools worldwide. More Famous: Gisele Bundchen

Cristiano Ronaldo & Irina Shayk

Ronaldo is arguably the world’s greatest soccer player. He signed a new contract with Real Madrid that will last five years and pay him 17 million Euros a year. He pulls in $45 million a year, and makes $28 million in endorsements. He’s also fawned over by women across the globe because of his underwear ads.

His girlfriend, swimsuit model Irina Shayk, isn’t worth nearly as much as Ronaldo is. She’s one of the most well-known models on the planet though-her 611,000 Twitter followers prove it. That doesn’t approach Ronaldo’s 31.5 million followers. This one’s easy. More Famous: Cristiano Ronaldo

Gerard Pique & Shakira

Pique is one of the top footballers in the world, and plays alongside Lionel Messi for FC Barcelona. In fact, Pique was the highest-paid soccer player in the world in 2014. That’s right-more money than Ronaldo or Messi. He made $82 million this season, and had his mug seen worldwide as a member of the Spanish national team.

His wife, Shakira, is one of the biggest stars in the world-period. With a net worth of $220 million, Shakira’s wallet dwarfs Piques, and her truthful hips give her the edge. More Famous: Shakira

Dwyane Wade & Gabrielle Union

This one ain’t easy. Basketball stars are the most recognizable athletes in the world, aside from perhaps soccer players, and Wade is one of the NBA’s biggest draws. He is a three-time world champion, a two-time All-NBA selection, and one of the greatest shooting guards in basketball history.

His new wife, Gabrielle Union, is one of the most recognizable actresses around, with leading roles in blockbuster movies like Bad Boyz 2 and television shows such as Being Mary Jane. More Famous: Dwyane Wade

Justin Verlander & Kate Upton

The Detroit Tigers ace has fallen on hard times baseball-wise since signing a seven-year, $180 million contract in 2013, but off the field he gets to date one of the world’s most desired women-Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Kate Upton.

Upton was one of the highest-profile victims of The Fappening, in which private, often nude photos of a slew of celebrities were released online. Before that, Upton gained acclaim for her sultry shoots, her “Cat Daddy” YouTube clip, and headlining several years’ worth of SI swimsuit issues. More Famous: Kate Upton

Nick Young & Iggy Azalea

This couple is fairly new, but they are happening. Nick Young plays for the NBA’s most famous franchise, the Los Angeles Lakers, and even though he plays alongside “The Black Mamba,” Kobe Bryant, he has the team’s top nickname–Swaggy P. On the court Young is a talented scorer who doesn’t do much else. He has 188,000 Twitter followers, but his ceiling is limited as long as he’s coming off the bench.

His “boo thang” is Australian rapper Iggy Azalea. You may have seen her taking home the Best Hip-Hop Album award at the American Music Awards, or shaking her ample bottom with Jennifer Lopez on stage. Iggy’s got 3.2 million followers, and is making a run at Nicki Minaj for the hip-hop queen crown. More Famous: Iggy Azalea

Eric Decker & Jessie James

New York Jets wide receiver Eric Decker is one of the better receivers in the NFL, and he gained a popularity boost when he joined Gang Green and married country music star Jessie James.

She’s a gorgeous country singer, but both of these stars haven’t reached their prime yet. We’ll let Twitter decide this one. More Famous: Jessie James


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