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“You’re in a glass case of emotion” – Coco rocks out (Steven
Sebring/Harper Design)

When a friend introduced the pair at an exhibition, Rocha and her husband and
manager, James Conran, were so keen to take part that, as
Sebring tells the website Fast Co-Create, they sent him wine

Wearing a simple white leotard and photographed against a black background,
Rocha was photographed jumping, leaning, sitting, lying and every other verb
one can photograph in the name of art.

(Steven Sebring/Harper Design)

While Rocha understandably has previous in posing, finding 1000 different
attitudes proved something of a challenge.

She described the experience in an essay for the book. “At times I felt I had
nothing left to give, and it was then that Steven or my husband James would
give me new inspiration – ‘Grace Jones,’ ‘an old man,’ ‘Jessica Rabbit’ –
and I would find an entirely new arsenal of moves.”

(Steven Sebring/Harper Design)

“What was great about the book is that we didn’t Photoshop,”
Rocha says. “We made sure if there was a weird crease in my side,
or an awkward facial expression, we left it alone.

(Steven Sebring/Harper Design)

“We’re way past doing what’s good for my image or brand. Sometimes I look at
these poses and I’m like, ‘What was that? Did James say, ‘Do a monkey’?”

(Steven Sebring/Harper Design)

Rocha’s 1.68 million social media followers are already well-acquainted with
the variety of her moves.

Her 2011 video of 50 poses in 30 seconds has notched up more than 300,000
views on YouTube, while last month
Rocha announced her pregnancy on Instagram in a 14-second video shot by


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