Value Village and Eco Fashion Week fashion show – The Seattle Times


Marianne Hale, of Seattle, left, styles a fifties-themed outfit for model Makaela Bielaski, of Redmond, for the Value Village and Eco Fashion Week fashion show at AXIS Pioneer Square in Seattle, Thursday November 20, 2014. Eco Fashion Week is rooted in Vancouver and this is the first time they have done a fashion show in Seattle. Value Village partnered with Eco Fashion Week to provide the materials for two different runway shows – the 68-pound challenge and the thrift chic fashion collection. For the 68-pound challenge, two designers created runway shows using 68 pounds of discarded textiles, which represents the amount of textiles an average North American throws away each year. The thrift chic collection, which Hale participated in, allows each designer $500 in fashions at Value Village to create a runway show of ten outfits.


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