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Business owner Sarah Adams has opened one of the more unique businesses in downtown Olympia, one that combines two things she loves: vintage clothing and psychic readings.

The result is Psychic Sister, which for the past 21/2 years has occupied 1,400 square feet on Fifth Avenue.

And if that strikes you as an unusual combination, Adams said the business has been supported and well-received by the community.

Longtime customer Whitney Bard of Olympia said Psychic Sister is pretty much the only place she buys clothes. She also participates in astrology and tarot card readings with Adams once a month, something she has done for the past 18 months.

“It’s a big part of my life,” said Bard, calling the store welcoming, comfortable, fun and affordable.

Adams, 33, has had an interest in vintage clothing since she was a middle school student when she would shop at thrift stores and try on clothes.

After graduating from The Evergreen State College in 2002, that interest took her in new directions, including making clothes for herself and friends, operating a handmade clothing collective and developing a line of clothes.

A double-breasted hoodie was one of her early designs.

Eventually her interest in clothes and vintage clothing evolved into Psychic Sister, which opened in March 2012. The vintage clothing and accessories, such as neckties, sunglasses, handmade jewelry and shoes, range in price from about $10 to about $80, Adams said.

One of her favorite things is that she can find a silk dress from the 1950s, she said, and with a little work “make it valuable and wearable again.”

She also does alterations — Bard said this was another selling point for her — and the store buys and trades vintage clothing on Tuesdays.

But that’s just part of the store.

For the past seven years, Adams also has been studying and giving astrology and tarot card readings.

She now does them about three Saturdays a month, along with several others who rotate through the store. Readings are Thursday through Saturday.

Adams emphasized they aren’t a bunch of mystics who peer into a crystal ball, but that the readings are meant to empower and encourage.

The readings cost about $1 a minute and a typical session costs about $20 or $30, she said.

“It never feels corny or forced,” said Bard about the readings. “It feels authentic.”

Bard recalled her first reading with Adams when she was about to take on a challenging academic project.

“It was very validating and affirming, and she pushed me to challenge myself in the ways that I needed to,” she said.

Up next for Psychic Sister is to release a line of clothes for sale on its website in September. The first piece, designed and made by Adams, will be stretch pants, she said.

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